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24 August 2007

10 Celebrity Chef Cooking DVDs

You're looking at a gorgeous and very generous 10-pack of DVDs, featuring 5 top celebrity Chefs. I know Rick Stein hates being called a celebrity chef, but what else do you call a famous chef? In the pack you receive two DVDs from each chef. Each DVD features four absolutely scrumptious recipes demonstrated in high definition quality by grand masters of the culinary world.

These DVDs are part of an official BBC collectors series and we have them ALL. Unfortunately we cant offer them all up as a complete set, however when you order a pack you will get two unique pieces from each of the five chefs.

The featured chefs are:

Jamie Oliver
Rick Stein
Antonio Carluccio
Ainsley Harriot
Iain Hewitson

Brilliant! These are a genuine BBC collectors items, and each DVD is packaged individually. They are a great gift idea, for anything from a housewarming party to a birthday for a cooking enthusiast. For those who cant even fry an egg, no need to fret, these are perfect from you. One of the great joys of my life is FOOD, and these DVDs make that joy something you can experience in your own home, not just while you are out at some premium rate restaurant.

Product Specifications
BBC Cooking DVDs 10-Pack
2 x Jamie Oliver
2 x Rick Stein
2 x Antonio Carluccio
2 x Ainsley Harriot
2 x Iain Hewitson
Limit: 3 per customer


  • admin EDITOR
    Nice one lisss. I like Jamie Olivers approach to food. Rick Stein has a renowned fish shop in Cornwalll and Jamies just started one up in the same spot. Antonio Carlucci has nice food. Cant get into Ainsley Harriot and who's Iain Hewitson. Not that I have a food obsession at all. :)
  • Brad
    Just added the free shipping coupon to your deal. ;)
  • Emma EDITOR
    I love the Jamie Oliver recipes, my sis has all the books. Speaking of Ainsley Harriott, I actually made one of his recipes just last night! It was chicken stuffed with pineapple and sweet onion... gorgeous!

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