1-day.com.au - Hersheys Almond Kisses 400pk - $7.99 + Shipping

5 October 2009

RRP $42.95 now $7.99

Limit of 1 pack per customer. Each pack contains approx. 400 (yep, thats right, 400!) individually wrapped Hersheys Kisses Creamy Milk Chocolate with Almonds.

Best Before date is 1 October 2009.


  • Keeys
    wish they had a way to pay other than credit :(
  • frogduck
    ah, this deal reminds me of the time my friend said that chocolate never expires :) kinda stuck by it too ahah and thats is HEAPS of chocolate :D
  • Diego
    Oh I just purchased... can't wait, will be a great addition to my wedding favours
  • fairybelle
    Just wanted to share with you that i received the box today and they werent joking about the size... Its big and delicious
  • melscott28
    wish i had got some now!
  • kazyazy
    Thats awesome fairybelle :D

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