1-day - Cadbury Old Gold $5.99 (worth $53.95)

10 November 2009

BEST BEFORE 5 October 2009.

Each pack includes 3 x 250g boxes of Cadbury Old Gold Continental Dark Chocolates.

Please note that this product has a Best Before date, not an expiry date. Goods that are past their Best Before date are still safe to consume; a Best Before date is merely an indication of when the goods should be consumed by if you want to eat it at its best quality. A Use By or Expiry date means the goods are not suitable for sale or consumption.


  • salemy2004
    and who should i sue for this lol
  • hayythere
    Out of date chocolates, mmMmmMmmm yummy! =D ________ ]DIGITAL VAPORIZER
  • voteoften
    They aren't that great to begin with, but I went ahead and ordered another 6 boxes for handning around at upcoming events
  • golfwidow
    I think it's funny they are selling chocolate yet at the bottom of the screen it says '1 TIP OF A FLAT BELLY' Well duh. Dont eat chocolate :D
  • completebogan
    Would have bought if I liked dark chocolate :( 5.95 shipping aswell
  • voteoften
    Would have bought if I liked dark chocolate :( 5.95 shipping aswell
    I have bought these before. The choc isn't very dark at all if you ask me.
  • steeledimmock
    They should be fine, Best before is a recommendation. Used by means the food must not be eaten after that date.
  • NoosieB
    I'd each chocolate after the used by date. Bad - But Yum

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