$1 Day at 7-Eleven 22/03/12

17 March 2012

To thank everyone for reaching 200000 fans 7-Eleven are holding another $1 Day on Thursday 22nd March 2012. The following items will be available for $1 each for the entire day:

- Powerade Mountain Blast Energy 300ml
- Powerade Berry Ice Energy 300ml
- Cadbury Boost 60g
- Cadbury Boost Caramel Max 60g
- Cadbury Picnic 46g
- Cadbury Picnic Cookie Crunch 45g
- Cadbury Cherry Ripe 52g
- Cadbury Twirl 39g
- Samboy 45g Varieties
- French Fries Original 45g
- French Fries Salt & Vinegar 45g
- Rockstar PerfectBerry 355ml

Limit of 8 of each $1 product per customer, per store.

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  • queenshrew
    Guess it must have gone well for them to promote another round of it! The Powerade are good buys for $1 each! However I always see the chocolate bars for cheaper at the supermarket. At Woolies yesterday, I bought some for about 80c each!

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