VistaPrint's Customised Caricatures can be used on mostof their products. Heaps of Fun!

16 December 2007

I don't know if anyone has posted on this or if it will even interest anyone....

VistaPrint has caricatures that you can customise. They are very cute and you can get a whole string of them for the family and change them at will to include tiaras, santa hats, halos, cowbot hats, police hats.

It was great fun getting these set up with my daughter. I put together the features for her and then called her into the room and said "Who do you think that is?" She said"ME!!!!"" Then we had fun with applying the accessories, etc.

Anyway, you can use these caricatures throughout most of the Vista Range, including t-shirts, address labels etc.

We ordered Christmas cards, but took off everything relating to Christmas, so they are really just notecards with our caricatures on them. There is no way the cards will arrive this calendar year anyway...

I placed three different orders, each time because I found more fun stuff to buy. Most times I was offered the return address labels at no extra cost, except the additional $4 postage. A great deal I reckon. These items will be sure to please any kids (and most adults too) A very good personalised gift.

I tried to put this as a tip, but it may come up as a deal. Sorry if this inconveniences anyone. Be sure to sign up for Vista's email specials! I think you have to go through your email to get the great deals.

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  • nod
    I did not know that you could do that Thanks :) Any examples?
  • voteoften
    I have tried to add our pix to my profile. Let's see if it works...
  • nod
    hehehehehehe they do :D
  • Gallifrey
    I had Vista make our Xmas cards with the caricatures of the family on, eveyone commented on them and thought they were great. Had fun making us on their site, but it took ages to do 5 people n 1 cat. Make sure you sign in first, as I lost the lot twice!! Also had the return address labels made with the caricatures, they are good too.
  • Mikes
    I have just got rid of my vistaprint emails that come everyday. (I hope!!) They have a bad reputation with their US operation see this for one area of complaint Be afraid be very afraid ... Maybe their free offers aren't all that free.......
  • nod
    :mad: That is not a good read at all!!! I think that if you have made a purchase with Vista Print then it is a very good idea you keep an eye on your creditcard and Paypal account I am a little puzzled though about how they can get away with the extra charges. Surely you would have to authorise this or you could bring criminal charges against them?? It is theft basically or somewhere along the line these people have not read the fine print that appears in the terms and conditions of sale I think that a thorough read of the terms and conditions for this site is essential Do we keep them as cashback merchants??
  • Mikes
    :mad: .... Do we keep them as cashback merchants??
    Not sure - most of these complaints seem to be from the US and UK. Maybe its up to the individual - posting details of the link at least make them aware of potential issues. I was fortunate in that I have never ordered from them. So no real address or CC details have been provided. What prompted me to look out for VP articles was that when I wanted to stop the daily offers I logged onto my account (which was via a little used email address). I could discontinue emails and offers, which I clicked, then I thought why not cancel the account as I could sign up again, and I wasn't sure if I had done it thru BS. Then I found there was no way to delete the account. I could change the email address. So I thought maybe one way to give them a message was to change it to their support email address. But there is no way to email them. I then searched the web and thats where I found many references to VP scams. I did change my email address to a nonsense one - I'll see if that "sticks".
  • nod
    Not being able to cancel your account is not a good start. They should at least provide some way of contacting them so that you can request removal of your account There are a few references to people buying from Vista Print in Oz to I see.
  • voteoften
    Good grief! Now I am going to have to go back and check them all!
  • ScarletRubies
    I have just spent way too long trawling through my CC transactions... my eyes are bleary. I have had small issues with VistaPrint (delivery times not met, but rectified promptly). I've never had an issue with them, and have always been happy with the quality of my printed stuff. I didn't find anything untoward on my CC statements, but will obviously keep an eye out as we all should. [edited]
  • voteoften
    In regards to the upload fees for items using photos previously uploaded, I did contact vista to ask why the charge was there. No answer and it is about a week later.
  • nod
    A week is a long time to wait for a reply from an on-line business. It tells me that customer care is not a priority But keep us posted Voteoften
  • lilpretzel
    Sorry to say they get a [SIZE=4] BIG BOO!!![/SIZE] from me. 4 orders and not 1 tracked! :mad: 1st ordered I will claim as my mistake but with the help of nod the last 3 were all done with deleted cookies, only using buckscoop links and 1 of those was done on a new laptop. ( I've stopped checking out there offers via using there email link ) :whistling:
  • Mikes
    I am still getting email from them, even though I changed the email address AND clicked the stop emails button. I would have allowed that this may have been in the system already - except that when I click on the go to my account button in the email, it goes back to the site and low and behold it has already filled in the account name - the "new" email address in my browser On further checking when I look at the link details, that I have an account number, so it picks up the details from that. If its that smart it should also not send emails to me or at least it should send to the new address not the old email address. I'll keep you informed of the progress.... on whether the emails stop. Thank heavens I never ordered
  • nod
    Yeah please do Mikes...
  • lilpretzel
    I've unsubscribed so I guess tomorrow will tell if it's worked. You can try ringing them - If you have any questions, call us free-phone at 1-800-238-703
  • Mikes
    Maybe ok, no mail to day - thats a good sign
  • nod
    :D It is a good start :D
  • carmine
    Well after reading this thread, hubby panicked BIG time:D He had ordered some business cards. Luckily we used a low limit credit card. To prevent them from further charges as some overseas accounts had, we just rang the bank and said we had "lost" our credit card and they will issue a new one. With a new expriry date etc, they shouldn't be able to put further charges to our card hopefully. What a nightmare considering we thought it was a reliable site.To top it off, our ebay account was hacked into as well. No more online shopping for a while for us now:(
  • scatman00
    I would have allowed that this may have been in the system already - except that when I click on the go to my account button in the email, it goes back to the site and low and behold it has already filled in the account name - the "new" email address in my browser
    This sounds like it is possibly to do with stored information in FF or IE, have you tried clearing cookies etc?

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