Valentines Love-Heart Knife Block $129.95 and 8% Bucky cashback

4 February 2009

Can't figure if this is romantic or voodoo creepy ... but hey it's cute and a novel, practical valentine's day gift.
Knives are included.

*Postage caps at $10 or spend over $250 and it's free
** If red isn't your thing then it comes in chrome too

Package contents:
* 1 x Base unit
* 1 x Standing unit
* 2 x Fastening bolts
* 1 x Bread knife
* 1 x Carver / slicer
* 1 x Chef's knife
* 1 x Utility knife
* 1 x Paring knife
* 5 x Protective knife sheaths

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  • fairybelle
    Ha Ha, i this is actually really big, i saw them in Victorias basement... i think they are great.
  • jackyblue
    like how big???
  • fairybelle
  • fairybelle
    Hmm.. not sure on the exact measurements but i would say about 50cms wide and about the same tall.... maybe.. i dunno i am crap at estimating.

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