Up to 74% off Sydney Morning Herald + $100 wine voucher + free bottle of sparkling wine

7 December 2009

Celebrate this Christmas with the Herald

Save up to 74% on a gift subscription to the Herald PLUS receive a $100 wine voucher*

Choose from these 20 week gift subscription packages:

7-day home delivery for just $59 save 74%
Weekend home delivery for just $29 save 66%
Sunday home delivery for just $19 save 50%

Subscribers will receive a $100 voucher to spend at the Sydney Morning Herald Wine Service and with any purchase will then receive a complimentary bottle of Dal Zotto sparkling wine. A gift certificate will also be sent to subscribers to present to the lucky recipient.

Purchase your gift subscription today offer ends December 18, 2009.

Only valid for new subscribers. All subscriptions will start week commencing January 11, 2010.

Visit: subscribe.smh.com.au/wine or call 136666 and quote WINE

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  • labgirl
    thanks for the deal.:) I signed up as it would cost double that just to buy the Saturday paper for 20 weeks (and I normally buy that) I hope they can organise delivery to QLD
  • nod
    Nice deal. Am guessing that WA is excluded?
  • ntowill
    It's only "where normal home delivery of the Sydney Morning Herald exists". If you can normally get the SMH delivered to WA it should be fine, but I doubt it. Worth a try anyway. You can spend the minimum $19 and you get a $100 wine voucher and bottle of champagne. If you just chuck the papers in recycling it still is a great deal!
  • bradio
    Great deal .Many thanks.
  • Isaacsmama
    Just wondering if anyone has received their wine voucher etc? Got first paper today but nothing else. Will have to call them tomorrow to find out whats going on. The other curious thing is that they do not have me on the deal that I'd subscribe to ie for 20 weeks and wine voucher, they have on my subscriber profile as 4 weeks direct debit. I'd definitely choose the wine 20 weeks offer! So check your subsciption just to be sure...

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