Uncle Frank: cool art canvas - red cows for $69.95 + delivery

4 June 2007

This is a great gift to send to someone. Surprise them today at these great sale prices. Other paintings this size normally sell for $150. This is a great buy. We are only selling due to new stock coming in. We mail in special art boxes.

This costs $69.95 + $18.25 freight to 7002 = $88.20
Cashback is 2.5%

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  • nod
    I am sure Uncle Frank is an old farmer, so he is bound to appreciate this :D Thanks for the deal posting Lisss With the Buckscoop cashback calculated the total cost to have the painting delivered is around $86.60 :)
  • nod
    The link went a bit 'funny'... I have just fixed it up Looks even better large print http://www.salespot.com.au/assets/productimages/large/032_red%20cows.jpg I like the little cutie down the bottom... in fact I am even tempted to buy this myself :o
  • admin EDITOR
    is it just me or do they look a little like a cross between a cow, a pig and a sheep?? nice find lisss - thanks
  • lisss
    Nod, you can get it in blue as well as red if you prefer that colour :w00t:
  • nod
    I did see that - I have directed the link so that you can see both. Personally I think the red is the best :D Very cute
  • Emma EDITOR
    I love it! That painting is excellent!

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