Topbuy- Wooden Jewellery Box with Glass Inset Door $9.95 +Buckscoop Cashback

26 October 2009

This attractive, upright style, wooden jewellery box is perfect for storing those precious pieces and making it easier to find the ones your looking for. It's made from solid wood and features a velvet-lined drawer and cupboard area. The cupboard section has a rotating hanger and a glass inset door etched with a tasteful floral pattern.

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  • kazyazy Also only $9.95
  • ExoticFamiliarity
    WOW great deal!!!
  • ExoticFamiliarity
    Thanks for this website too, I've actually found a Lot of neat products here cheap! I'd never had known about this website otherwise... Altho my credit card probably won't thank you ;-)
  • blondieo
    OMG Kazy! When I was a kid my aunt had one of these which I absolutely loved! I'm pretty sure I always wanted one to hold dolls clothes or something! :rolleyes: Looks great though, might get my mum one for Christmas. :)

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