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29 March 2008

Steal of the day. not an amazing deal but might be good for someone.

How do you like to be woken up? By a group of nubile nymphs softly serenading and stroking your hair? Or even just your favourite music slowly seeping through and bringing you back to consciousness? Wake up to yourself Sleeping Beauty! If that actually worked, you wouldn't be late for work now! And there would have been no need to invent the Flying Alarm Clock!

What you need is a little more incentive to rise and shine. The Flying Alarm Clock does just that. When the digital alarm hits the appointed time the siren begins to wail and the plastic propeller goes up, up and away - the only way to stop the incredibly annoying alarm is to do the same! Get up and catch it!

Now we understand there's a good chance you're going to be a little grumpy however, since you tend to be that way in the mornings anyway, no harm done! After all, if you're serious about becoming a high-flying executive you need to remember, if you snooze you lose!

It's also a great present for parents to give their terrible-to-wake teens in a "tough love" kind of a way.

If you're a follower of the martial arts this could be a Zen style exercise (similar to the old catch-a-fly-with-chopsticks deal) springing from unconsciousness with your lightning reflexes to catch the propeller before it has a chance to make its getaway.

For those of us who need to take off early in the mornings, the Flying Alarm Clock provides some seriously uplifting motivation!

Product Specification

The Flying Alarm Clock has a base diameter of 14 cm, sits 10 cm tall (with propeller attached) and features a snooze function. It requires 4 x AA batteries to operate and can also be used with a DC 6 Volt mains adapter (both not included). When the alarm is triggered, an audible siren sounds and the propeller is launched into the air. To turn off the alarm the propeller needs to be placed back on to the base unit. By then you should be fully awake!

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  • admin EDITOR
    The description makes me laugh. I think I need something like this. I hate pretty much every type of alarm clock so having to chase something around the room isn't going to be any different to swearing at the less intrusive types.

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