TIP - Artscow.com 100 Discount Codes Updated Everyday For 10 Items

13 May 2009

I'm going ot post this as a Tip, because for a while artscow.com are offering 100 unique discount codes for certain products.

So basically this link will be updated everyday and on a first come first served basis you can get your own unique discount code for whatever product you choose.

Today the products on offer are:

Custom Photo Playing Cards
Custom Hard Cover Photo Book
Custom Photo Dog Tags
Custom Photo Handbag
Custom Bar Mat / Door Mat
Custom Photo Key Chain
Custom Netbook Case
Custom Photo Calendars
Custom Photo Bucket Bag
Custom Photo Canvas

Artscow.com usually send out a new discount code every fornight or so... And the above products have been the most recent over the past few months. I've got a funny feeling that it will be these same products everday.

Follow the link to see all the prices of the items.

*Artscow.com also offer free shipping.

*Coupon codes are updated daily at 0:01 A.M (Hong Kong Standard time zone: GMT +8 hours)

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  • melscott28
    Was excited about the prices for this but realised its in U S dollars. Not sure if shipping is free to aus or not.
  • golfwidow
    Yes these are US $$ but fee shipping still applies to us. Well my last order it did so I assume they all will :) Just waiting for my latest to arrive. Only got prints so far that are pretty good so interested to see what the photo gifts are like.
  • golfwidow
    I just received another order of prints and I am so happy with them. If anyone has any 8 x 10 print codes they don't want could I please have them? :)

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