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10 July 2007

A 12 month subscription to Choice is $74. (11 issues)

A subscription to CHOICE includes:
1. In-depth tests and reports on a huge range of products and services.
2. 100% independent information - no hype, no advertising.
3. Free Choice Shopper Service - get great deals when buying appliances over $100

Free Book - worth $18
'How to Clean Practically Anything' has simple remedies for hundreds of cleaning problems. From furniture and carpet to precious jewellery and children's toys - learn to clean so efficiently you'll spend less time doing it!

TOPICS:   Flowers and Gifts


  • admin EDITOR
    :) - not quite sure what cleaning and choice have to do with each other.
  • Brad
    Indeed. lol
  • nod
    Cleaning of your new purchases ??? :confused: Or possibly just a cheap book that they had lying around in abundance??? ;)

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