Star Trek Enterprise The Bridge Set -

16 July 2012

Now I have to admit that I dont know my Klingon from my Vulcan but my brother in-law is a massive Star Trek fan so when I showed him this deal and he jumped up and down in excitement I thought I better post it.

$12.99 plus delivery which is $6.99 but its still cheaper than getting it anywhere else.

Note - only Captain Kirk figurine included

They say:
The Bridge includes a highly detailed captains chair and helm command centre, data screens, view screen with image, bridge floorplan playmat, and comes with a Captain Kirk Figure. So youll be all kitted out for some fun times with Ferengis, some banter with the Betazoids and some downtime with the Deferis. Engage!

Recreate scenes from the Star Trek movie
Authentic Bridge environment with Captain's chair
Captain Kirk figure included
Compatible with other Galaxy Series Figures
Figures can be placed behind the communication screen to simulate interaction
East to assemble
Ages 4+

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  • bollydude
    My inner nerd must buy this! Thanks Pookie!

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