Smiggle March Madness Sale - items start at 50c

13 March 2009

Smiggle looks as though they are clearing old stock items. They have varying items/ranges on sale from as little as 50c up to $5. There was not much stock in the store that i went to, however i still managed to buy lots!!

The sale is online too with more range, but some items are out of stock and you will need to pay post/courier fees.

Some items on sale are:
Exercise books
Eraser Pens
Glue Sticks
Luggage Tags
Gnome Money Boxes
Pencils Cases

Hope someone can find a good bargain here, as we all love smiggle in this house!!

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  • voteoften
    Good one. Too bad freight is a min of $10.
  • fairybelle
    yeah $10 is a bit rich + the minimum order is $20.00 as well I do love smiggle though so its still a hot from me
  • nod This is cute
  • Keeys
    I bought up earlier tonight am planning on giving pencil cases etc filled with pencils blah blah boring stuff for gifts least smiggle turns boring into something a little more trendy.

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