Sheaffer - Award Stainless Steel Ballpen and Pencil Set $10

3 April 2008

Seems like a good buy at $10. would make good gifts for teachers. :)

from site:
"Sheaffers Award Ballpen and Pencil Set its writing elegance, made easy.


Bodies made from lightweight, bushed-finish stainless steel.
Matching brushed chrome trim.
Rubbery grips towards the tip of the pen and pencil make them comfortable to grip and use for extended periods.
Pencil includes a hidden eraser tip inside the pencil.
Also included is a simple storage case, ideal for taking both the pen and pencil with you wherever you go.

Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel with Chrome Trim. "

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  • Keeys
    Nice gift as you say, wish I'd seen when they had free postage :(
  • Wally
    Would be good value if not for the high shipping charge Peter's apply
  • geo78
    $5.50 shipping for metropolitan areas...not too bad...
  • enthusiast
    That's a gift with a nice price!
  • samia786
    I just ordered two sets for $25 including postage. Still a reasonable price. They even have a Waterman Hemisphere ballpen for about $36, which is also a good price and make an expensive looking gift! I agree, pity we missed the free postage.

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