Pyramat S2000 Video Game Rocker - $129.95 & free postage!

5 July 2007

The Pyramat S2000 Video Game Rocker is on special offer from Play4me at a very nice price of $129.95 delivered. I have always wanted to try one of these but I've never had the chance to. In case you don't know what this gadget is, it;s a gaming seat, which used the sound from your games (or movies I suppose) and vibrates in time to the on-screen action!! The only thing it is missing is a cup holder!

This chair is currently $230 + postage @ Games Warehouse, but doesn't really show up in the price comparison engines, but I think $130 is a good deal.

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  • Emma EDITOR
    [LEFT] ]Cnet review here. ]Smarthouse review here. ] The S2000 Video Game Rocker Delivers Personal Surround Sound and Rumbling Bass Using Audio Response Technology (ARX(TM)), the Sound Rocker vibrates and pulses in time to the on-screen action. It transfers low frequency sound through a 5.5 inch subwoofer, creating a powerful rumbling bass that puts the player into the action. This gives the player a sound advantage and actually improves their game play. Feel every Crash ! Duck every Shot ! Features of the Pyramat S2000 Video Game Sound Rocker include: [/LEFT] [LEFT] -- 5.5" subwoofer to deliver powerful bass -- Two 3" full range side speakers and an ARX(TM) sub-woofer create a totally immersive personal surround experience -- Comfort is key. The ergonomically-designed rocker supports hours of play -- It's compatible with all game consoles, and many electronic devices, such as a TV, VCR, DVD and MP3 player -- Input selector allows you to switch effortlessly between video games and music modes -- Create a virtual in-home arcade by connecting up to eight units together -- The controls enable personal and effortless volume and bass control to adjust the sound experience -- Folding backrest for compact storage -- Built-in headphone jack and MP3 holder [/LEFT] [LEFT] Pyramat's ergonomically designed sound furniture enables users to feel all of the action from video games or movies, and to feel audio tracks from music. As the originators of "sound furniture" Pyramat single-handedly pioneered the video game furniture category and continues to produce award-winning, quality products with unparalleled audio clarity and sophisticated design.[/LEFT]
  • admin EDITOR
    :D :D - now I'm laughing my ass off. Awesome. Its like the pinnacle of the hard core. I know someone who'll love it. And its a very good price Jayne - ta
  • Keeys
    This would make an awsome xmas pressie for the gammer who has everything ;)

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