Powerbuys- $50 Cashback on Nespresso Coffee Machines

4 January 2012

Until Jan 8th 2012 get $50 cashback on Nespresso coffee machines

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  • admin EDITOR
    Worth examining the fine print on this a bit more golfy. Its a general promotion from DeLonghi so there's plenty of places you can buy from. http://www.delonghi.com.au/corporate/redemptions/. The $50 applies to models ECAM23450S, ECAM23210B or ESAM03110S but there is $100 cashback on models ECAM26455M or ESAM5600 and $250 on models EABI6600, ESAM6700 or ESAM6600. This is where it gets a bit ridiculous though. Clause 14 in the Longhi%20Xmas%20Cash%20Back%20T&Cs%202011.14.10.11.pdf"]terms and conditions. "Offer is valid on retail purchases only. Internet sales, commercial sales, second-hand purchases and trade seconds products are excluded." How stupid is that.... retail in DeLonghi's mind doesnt include sales online.
  • golfwidow
    Well that just makes this deal defunct then as it is an online store. Thanks for the heads up:) Just an added bit of useless info, I got the Aldi pod coffee machine for Xmas and I think it is the bomb and costs roughly a 3rd of what these ones do

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