Portable Jumpstart And Air Compressor Jsac 400 -12V Out $69 plus $15 delivery

10 October 2007

I think that anyone with a car should have one of these tucked away in it.
It will start a car with a flat battery so the first time you use it it will pay for itself when you dont need to call out a fitter to start it for you.
Has a built in air compressor for your tyres, footballs and airbeds and a work lamp for seing what your up to late at night.

I did find a slightly cheaper version but it only had 30 days warranty where this one has 1 years warranty

Yes I do have one!

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  • Emma EDITOR
    I do agree these are very handy to have in the car.... especially if you are going on a bit of a road trip away from home :)

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