Ozstock - FREE Battery Tester Just Pay $5.98 for Shipping

7 February 2010

Not a bad freebie if you find you have a draw full of batteries, and some of those batteries have lost their shelf life. Better to put 4 good batteries into torch than 3 good and 1 bad. THe one bad will drain the other three.
This tester will come in handy to check which batteries have full charge.

The Ozstock Battery Tester is FREE, you'll just have to pay the $5.98 shipping costs. Or, you can get a 50% discount on the shipping rate for every additional item in one order. You'll only pay full price shipping for the item with the highest shipping charge.

The tester works on a 1.5 Volt or 9 Volt battery to the negative and positive poles of the battery tester, the analog meter will show the battery status, accurately and instantly, every time.

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