OO.com.au-24hr Slamdunk-Haydon Handyman set, 14.4v Cordless drill and tools $39.95+ $9.95 shipping

9 December 2009

Web pages seem broken for me as I can get the product details to list, but it looks like a fair amount of kit for the price.

Here is what I think is in the case:

Drill with 1 battery and charger
Dril bits
Mains test driver
Kwik clamps
Utility knife

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  • BarryG37
    I purchased my drill and kit 12 months ago and while I only use it for home and general use the batteries lasted no time at all so it has been sitting in my shed. If I could get another couple of batteries it may save the tool from being tossed in the bin. If 18v batteries fit the 14.4 charger that would be even better but once again finding some retailer that sell them is another thing. Barry
  • admin EDITOR
    I wouldn't even know where to start looking for a spare battery on this brand.

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