Nintendo DS Stylus x 4 USD$1.60 delivered

3 September 2008

Ive just being looking around for a couple of spare stylus' when i came around this great price!!

Thought id share it with you guys too.

There are heaps of cheap useful (and useless but fun) things on the site.

Worth a browse if you have any spare time

Soz forgot to add it was USD...have edited the title :)

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  • nod
    Thanks Melissanj. Deal Extreme do have some blinding prices on some items. When I have bought from them b4 shipping took about 2w but otherwise I have been happy with my purchases
  • Keeys
    we use them alot for headphones our kids are forever breaking them but at the prices who cares ;) Always been happy with my items :)
  • winniblu
    Awesome! Cheers my daughter ate hers....
  • gaxx
    I prefer the extandable ones myself Sure they cost 2x the amount, but hell, it is still cheap
  • lilpretzel
    These Stylus are soooooo cheap and the extandable ones, I order some in my last order, Miss 8 is always chewing the ends of them :whistling:
  • admin EDITOR
    Awesome! Cheers my daughter ate hers....
    guess its cheap - but not particularly nutritious.
  • McMutt
    Yes DX does rock shipping can take from 3 days upto 2 weeks, I have spent over $500 in the past year.
  • winniblu
    guess its cheap - but not particularly nutritious.
    beat eating the cat food
  • Beets
    I use DX alot, free shipping is great, does sometimes take up to 2 weeks for delivery, but Ive paid postage and had it take longer.
  • wheadle
    welcome to Bucky Beets :) Deal extreme do have some blinding prices. can wait 2 weeks when you pay so little
  • wheadle
    hey beets you need an avvie ;)
  • melissanj
    Just thought id let every one know that paypal showed up in my bank account today and it was $1.99 :) not bad i say!! I know you could do the converting yourself....but......well yes.....i did it for you. :D

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