Nigella Lawson. Bread Bin $150 at Peter's of Kensington

3 March 2009

Yes ... she's a trollop, but that doesn't stop her bread bin being drop dead gorgeous. It's something about the texture & the cupcake blue colour.

Normal Retail is over $200 so this isn't a bad price if spending that sort of money one a bread bin is your kind of thing.

Postage of around $7 - $15 if you live on that side of the country. (Forget it if you're in WA or NT ... would cost too much)

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  • wfdTamar
    Oh come on people! Spending that kind of money to support these celebrity chef's in the style to which they have become accustomed. (or rather the companies cashing in on their names)
  • queenshrew
    Not a fan of these. I prefer to put my bread in the freezer haha :p That way I know they'll definitely NOT go moldy :)
  • fishmonkey
    the design kinda reminds me of a toilet cistern you might find in a "rustic" bed & breakfast...
  • jackyblue
    You are all correct from a distance but $10 that none of you have got up-close & personal with one.
  • fishmonkey
    is there a picture of Nigella on the bottom of the lid?
  • jackyblue
    No ... but when you rub it you can just imagine.
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - she's the master at marketing the swarmy smarmy art of cooking

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