Jamie Oliver Professional Series Hard Anodised 24cm Frypan $53.95 @ Kitchen Discounts + Cashback

4 February 2009

Info - who needs info when it's a Jamie Oliver at a good price. Isn't that enough??

* Postage caps at $10.00 Australia Wide

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    There's a fair old jump between the price of the 26 cm and the 26cm pans. From $57 to $90. Good price for the pan - the discount seems to have cut the 'Jamie Oliver' premium part of the cost out. How durable are the anodised range? I still tend to stay with the heavy cast or stainless variety fry pans probably more out of a vague notion that the anodised pans need to be treated with a little more respect - but thats an opinion formed more through ignorance than knowledge.

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