Ionmax Midi Tower Air Purifier Silver ION401 $199 + Free Shipping (+4.5% cashback)

2 April 2012

Ok, not a huge discount. However I paid $219 for this a year and a bit ago, and don't regret a cent I have spent.

This item is AWESOME!

I am often amazed at the stuff it manages to capture into its system. I can't believe I breath in so much dust and dirt daily without knowing.

It is v.easy to use, and is so quiet I often forget it is there.
This air purifier requires no filters and approx 1-2 months (when it starts to beep) all I have to do is remove the internal unit and clean it out with a damp cloth/paper towel then put it back in to dry. After 12hrs I switch it back on again. The easiest thing I have ever used that is good for me.

It did however stopped working one day and the guy told me to turn it upside down and then back up again and so it started working again!

It seriously does filter out smells and dust. I bought it initially as I moved into a new place where the tenants used to have cats and dogs in the house. My nose was itching... this has definitely cleared the air and the stench of kitty litter lingering.

I now just keep it in my bedroom.

Get one if you have allergies or someone in your family smokes...

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