Have You Met Miss Jones - Unique Homewares SALE section

27 April 2009

Really unique art pieces, well priced and they also have a sale section. I just discovered this in a magazine and thought some members would like to check it out.

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  • NoosieB
    I quite liked this Laminated capiz platter screenprinted with peacock feather pattern. $89. Different. http://www.haveyoumetmissjones.com.au/WebRoot/zfweb/Shops/HaveYouMetMissJones/4641/104E/C328/44F9/978F/C0A8/D207/745D/PF006_m.jpg But there were also items that were fairly inexpensive, like this laminated capiz small tray with cherry blossom design @ $15. http://www.haveyoumetmissjones.com.au/WebRoot/zfweb/Shops/HaveYouMetMissJones/4817/EECE/4759/79D8/3799/C0A8/D207/44EF/CB001_m.jpg
  • lisss
    http://www.haveyoumetmissjones.com.au/WebRoot/zfweb/Shops/HaveYouMetMissJones/4818/0E56/7BF3/3DAC/5AE4/C0A8/D207/701D/BCO059_m.jpg I like this one, AU$16 and this http://www.haveyoumetmissjones.com.au/WebRoot/zfweb/Shops/HaveYouMetMissJones/4818/0FF9/B08F/1D4C/2D86/C0A8/D207/69AE/BCO065_m.jpg AU $26, medium paper bag vase

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