Guess Who and Hungry Hippo Games at Coles Now $7.50

4 January 2010

My local Coles has the remainder of their games reduced to $7.50 each both of these games are $32 each at Kmart at the moment. Stock may vary from store to store.

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  • modtang
    What store was this at?
  • andgab01
    I got these in Coles Wangaratta, but I know that they were in many different coles across Australia.
  • cafe80s
    :D I actually got Pictureka for $7.50. I have seen that one for up to $40 at some places.
  • MamaK
    my local was sold out completely- it pays to be quick I guess!
  • misserss
    I paid $15 for each of these 3 games the week before and thought I was getting a bargain :mad: You may also find in the same area, Lego packs of the racing car and tow truck for $2.50 and $3.00 respectively. I also picked up a swing ball set for $15 then saw the same one in MYER for $60!
  • kazyazy
    My local Coles is sold out
  • queenshrew
    Why does my Coles not have any of these :( Or maybe they did but I'm too slow..doh!!!

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