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11 December 2008

I just love this site!
Now if only I was a good sewer, those Cloth Doll Patterns are adorable.

Patterns can be sent via email or purchase a kit via mail.

Simple Patterns & Kits for cuddly Soft Toys and a free guide to making soft toys and other fun stuff.

As a member, you will receive the Honey the Easy Teddy Bear pattern PDF download, for free with your first purchase, and youll get a members discount when you buy any patterns and kits, plus youll get to take advantage of the members specials, which are offered, exclusively to Funky friends members.

All Patterns include:

* A colour photo of the Funky Friend.
* Full, easy to follow instructions with a tick the box as you go format.
* A list of material requirements.
* A layout guide.
* An email contact address for online feedback and support, if needed

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  • lilpretzel
    “Baby Belle”is adorable, Member's Price: AUD$14.60 (Pattern Only)
  • photographyisart
    that is so cute!! but my sewing skills aren't good enough to make one sadly :P
  • queenshrew
    If I buy one, will you make it for me? :p
  • lilpretzel
    ummmm NO! :p You can make mine :xmas3:
  • queenshrew
    ummmm NO! :p You can make mine :xmas3:
    You have no idea what you've just asked for :p I failed my class - Sewing for Dummies 101 :p

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