FREE Ozstock Day: 2x Infra-Red Virtual Electronic Pet Game Tamagotchi for Kids (+ $7.90 shipping)

10 February 2009

This virtual pet game is a good and fun way to educate your kids and keep them occupied. It has infrared function to communicate between game machines. Built-in infra-red for games between pets, meeting new companions and making friends, as well as for marriage between pals to produce new generations, etc. Makes great gift for kids.

You will get 2 games in today's FREE Ozstock Day offer!


* Best educational toy to kids
* Great fun
* Five grow-up stages
* Two genders: Male/Female
* Connection function (two game machines can connect for gaming)
* Pet wedding
* Pet sound
* Sophisticated breeding functions
* 3 key operation: Select, Confirm, Escape
* Comes with detailed instructions
plus $7.90 shipping

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  • nod
    Grabbed 4 sent to WA for $16 - happy nieces and nephews! :D Thanks Kazyazy
  • lilpretzel
    I've unexpired this offer, these are today's product. :)

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