Four 'N Twenty Pies - Magic Salad Plate $10.26

4 August 2008

Looks like a bit of a gimmick but if you're into that sort of thingsor need a present for someone who's hard to buy for then this might be right up your alley.

Four 'N Twenty Pies have released a Magic Salad Plate that you can order online for $5 plus $5.25 postage and handling along with 2 unique codes from two specially marked Four N Twenty products.

"Research has practically proven that salad cant fill the seriously hungry stomach. So why waste time trying?

Simply place your delicious Four N Twenty pie in the area provided on the Four N Twenty MAGIC SALAD PLATE and suddenly with no effort at all it looks like youre having salad as well!

With a FourN Twenty MAGIC SALAD PLATE, to the untrained eye it appears theres a leafy green salad, but in truth its just part of the plate.

Astounding! Now you dont need to cave in to the pressure that some people (like the ladies) put on you to eat salad. And all while still looking like you totally have!"

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  • lilpretzel
    Thanks crafty added a pic for you :)
  • Keeys
    I may have been interested if it was just the $5 postage and the bar codes, I'll be giving it a miss. Am sure it would make a good gimic for some people though ;)
  • bigal
    I would've voted hot if this was a freebie if you mailed in your barcodes or something like that but to pay for this... I dont know how many people will actually for for it... well there's at least one, Keeys, that'd pay $5 :P no vote from me
  • craftykiwi
    Thanks Lilpretzel - tried adding it myself to no avail. I agree Bigal and Keeys - I would have thought purchasing their products should have been enough.
  • LisaMaree
    I still think this is hillarious :D This would make a great pressie for my non salad eating BIL. Lisa
  • leny
    What an absolutely idiotic idea and pathetic attempt of marketing their products. ^^ Put that in their testimonials on the website.
  • admin EDITOR
    laughing my butt off at it. Not the most PC marketing idea I've ever seen but a laugh in any case.

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