FOOTBALL FITNESS: Sony RDR-HX720 DVD Recorder, 160GB HDD $450

22 June 2007

The RDR-HX720 is $502 at MWave, but you can get 10% bonus back to spend there with the below coupon making it $450. PLUS cashback!

# Main Features:

- 160GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
- HQ+ Recording Mode
- Chasing Playback
- Dual Layer Disc Recording & Playback
- Simultaneous Record & Playback
- Multi Disk Format Playback & Record
- DivX Playback
- One Touch Dubbing
- Pause Live TV
- 9 Record Modes
- JPEG Playback
- Precision Cinema Progressive
- Variable Bit Rate Recording (VBR)
- Dynamic to VBR Dubbing
- D-Matrix Noise Reduction
- Fast Playback with Sound
- AV Sync
- HDD Playlist
- Instant Replay
- Instant Advance
- Easy Chapter Edit
- Title List Zoom In/Out
- "New" Mark on unwatched titles
- Tray Lock
- Child Lock
- Custom Parental Control
- Synchro Recording
- Intelligent Store Chaptering
- TV Virtual Surround
- Manual Timer
- G-Code
- Quick Timer
- High Speed Dubbing
# Specifications:

Media Compatibility:
- DVD-R/RW (Video Mode) Record & Playback: Yes (16x-speed or slower DVD-R''s v2.0, v2.1)
- DVD-RW (VR Format with CPRM) Record & Playback: Yes (6x-speed or slower DVD-RW''s v1.1, v1.2 with CPRM)
- DVD+R/RW Record & Playback: Yes (8x-speed or slower DVD+RW''s, 16x-speed or slower DVD+R''s)
- DVD+R Dual layer: Yes (2.4x-speed DVD+R DL Double Layer Disc''s)
- DVD Video Playback: Yes
- CD Playback: Yes
- VCD Playback: Yes
- SVCD (with PBC) Playback: Yes
- CD-R/RW Playback: Yes
- MP3 (CD-R/RW) Playback: Yes
- JPEG (CD-R/RW,DVD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW) Playback: Yes
- DivX Playback: Yes

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  • Brad
    ]Here's the direct link. (Not allowed to edit ;) )
  • Brad
    You'll need to click the link at the top of the page to get your cashback though.
  • admin EDITOR
    love it... so we're now down to $448 on the same item. Only two questions brad - this whats the significance of the missing B in the model code - is there something different to the two B's and whats the voucher you refer to. otherwise - great find.
  • Brad
    Not sure about the 'B', I am having a search though. Heres the ]code.
  • Brad
    If I read correctly, the extra B only means they are the black version.

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