Focal Price - Silver Cigarette Lighter - $2.86US + Free Shipping ($3.23AU)

21 July 2010

This looks like a nice gift idea for any smokers. It may be cheap but you could get it personalised at an engravers to make it a bit special.

* The lighter is a cotton oil refillable and highest quality lighter on the market.
* The picture shown is very clear, colorful, and waterproof.
* Great gift for all occasion.
* Don't hesitate to buy one for yourself or your love one.
* A useful collectable item.
* No cotton oil in original product.

There are other zippo style ones too with nice designs for a bit extra. Even spotted a few 8gb flash drive lighters!

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  • blondieo
    I love this thong lighter! It's $2.40

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