Focal Price Carnival Discount Vouchers - Varies Items - Ends 28th February

4 February 2010

Sale for V day, Free shipping

Use coupon for discount:

Use coupon code FCCHP20OFF for 20% off of Exquisite Hairclip.
The promotion products sku: HP175L, HP175R, HP175P, HP176B, HP177W, HP177X, HP177P, HP178P, HP178X

Use coupon code FCCSM15OFF for 15% off of sound Magic earphones.
The promotion products sku: EP148P, EP147B, EP142B, EP135B, EP117B, CP074W, CP074S, CP074B, EP105S, EP104B, EP103S, EP102B

Use coupon code FCCKTW20OFF for 20% off of Kitty Electronic Waterproof Watches.
The promotion products sku: YW287P, YW283S, YW283R, YW287W

Use coupon code FCCHX8OFF for 8% off of Power Savers.
The promotion products sku: HX081G, HX078Y, HX083W, HX082L, HX079G

Use coupon code FCCEL14OFF for 14% off of Sound Activated EL Panels.
The promotion products sku: YX238X, YX237X, YX236X, YX234X, YX175X, YX173X, YX167X, YX162X, YX118X, YX117X, YX102X, YX107X, YX109X, YX113X, YX081X, YX073X, YX066X, YX063X, YX058X, YX057X, YX052X, YX050X, YX037X, YX031X

Use coupon code FCCCAMP10OFF for 10% Car MP3 Players.
The promotion products sku: EF008S, EF008Y, EF008L, EF137S, EF136R, EF136B, EF139S, EF142B, EF138O, EF138R, EF140B, EF140L, ER320B, ER320U, ER323B, EF144B, EF141B, EF141W

Use coupon code FCCYC15OFF for 15% off of Shrilling Toy.
The promotion products sku: YC001Y,YC002W

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  • fairybelle
    Can some one edit the title pls.
  • lilpretzel
    All fixed FB :) Thanks huntresslove for these codes.. I just want to let you know for need time, could you please post offers that require a discount code in the voucher section.. This helps keep the vouchers all together for easy access for members. :) ]

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