Fighting Grandads - $16.90 delivered @ Gifts Australia +8% Buckie cashback!!

25 October 2007

Listed price - $19.95
-$10.00 discount voucher +$6.95 postage
= $16.90 delivered PLUS 8% Buckie CASHBACK!
Wind the old geysers up and watch them go!
These ferocious old timers have been battling for years. With special super swinging arm action its all out frail fistie-cuffs.
Two old geysers with canes included.

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  • nod A stocking filler :D
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - I've only just seen this.... laughing my butt off brad - very funny.
  • elegantegotist
    Cute but totally useless !!
  • MamaK
    Hilarious! and a bargain with the free post
  • st3rlite
    is this still for sale cos i cant seem to find the link to buy it... would have been a great novelty stocking filler :(
  • Brad
    It seems they are out of stock at the moment. :(
  • Brad
    ]Racing Nuns any compensation st3rlite?
  • st3rlite
    yeah i saw the nuns hehehe.. cute but i think the grandads are funnier...!

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