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1 April 2008

Don't waste time cleaning your floors, spend more time enjoying life with this ingenious auto vacuum intelligent floor cleaner. This smart automated vacuum cleaner does all the dirty work for you, vacuuming every room of your house on its own accord, easily and efficiently. Never before has a vacuum cleaner been able to work for you while you sit back, put your feet up and relax!

With recharging dock, remote control and the ability to clean carpet, hardwood, linoleum and tiles with ease, this unit not only makes cleaning effortless but it also delivers outstanding results, picking up unsightly dirt and grime as it scans every inch of the room. The unit is smart enough to seek it's own charger before the batteries go flat and with the intelligent virtual wall detector and sensors this is certainly one device that everyone must own!

* EUROLAB Auto Vacuum Intelligent Cleaner.
* Self-adjusting cleaning head automatically traverses uneven floor transitions.
* Easily cleans carpet, hardwood, linoleum, and tile.
* Slide-out bag-less particle bin to discard the dirt picked up.
* Easy to use remote control function.
* The cleaning time can be set by charging base plate.
* Before the battery goes flat, the cleaner will automatically stop and seek charging base plate for charging.
* In-built stair avoidance detector.
* Non-marring bumper.
* Virtual wall detector.
* Wall following sensor.
* It keeps your floor clean between periodic deep vacuuming.
* Great for the person who has it all!
* Ingenious unit to save time and effort.
* Accessories: Virtual wall unit, batteries charger, rechargeable battery pack spoons(2pcs), side brush(2pcs) and operation manual.

* Adapter AC/DC:100-240v.
* Adapter output voltage:18v DC.
* Voltage of battery:14.4v (12pcs 1.2v ni-cd batteries).
* Unit average power:19w~ 25w.
* Suction power:2.4w.
* Airflow:63.6 dm3/M.
* Battery capacity:1500ma.
* Charge time:4-5 hrs.
* Working time:45-60 minutes.
* Product size:34 x 6cm.

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