Dual RC Apache Attack Helis!

24 March 2008

Dual RC Apache Attack Helis!

2 Battle Helis - Dominate the Skies!

Infrared Attack Sensors Built In!

We originally featured these beauties on Catch as an Australian debut, we were the first, it was a hot catch, and they sold like popsicles on a 40 degree day. Today - we've exclusively managed to source more of these Catch favourites, at an all new low price!

Its the newest craze in the RC helicopter world, it's not just about flying anymore, now you compete for the skies! Using the remote control mounted trigger you can target your opponent's heli and shoot them out of the air *BOOM*. A successful shot will disable the engine of the other heli and cause it to fall, but don't worry it'll be up and ready to fly seconds later, with only the other pilot's pride damaged.

* 2 x Apache Attack Remote Control Helicopters, one yellow/tan camouflage, one army green camouflage, both with LED "ON" indicators and nose cone mounted "cannon" LED's.
* Heli Vs Heli Attack System, successfully shoot your opponent's Heli and it will fall from the sky!
* Unique chassis material withstands crashes or battle damage (within reason!).
* Miniature size and light weight.
* Auto stable technology with precision speed.
* Tri Band technology, fight with up to two other helicopters simultaneously, pandemonium!
* Just $39.80 for two heli's, this price is exclusive to Catch of the Day You can't afford to miss out!

Product Specifications

RC Heli
-Infra Red Remote control
-Miniature design for indoor flying
-Built-in rechargeable heli battery
-Unique rotor blade system for steady take off
-Durable foam body
-Recharged on transmitter

Remote control/Transmitter
-Two channel digital proportional control
-Tri-band A, B and C
-Alignment Trim
-Charging and power indicator

Battery Requirements for Heli
Power supply rating: DC 3.7V, 1, 8W
Requires: 1 x 3.7V Li-Poly Rechargeable Battery Pack (Included)

Battery Requirements for Transmitter
Power supply rating: DC 9V, 0, 45W
Requires: 6 x 1.5V "AA" size batteries

1 Day DOA Warranty (if item arrives DOA (dead on arrival), please e-mail us the same day you receive the product or warranty will be void) Firing mechanism in video for demonstration purposes only. Heli LED colour received may vary from colour illustrated.

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  • nod
    I think these would be a load of fun :) but the one day DOA warranty and nothing else is a bit rough

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