DSE Photo center snapfish offer 30 free 6x4" photos then 9cents each

23 January 2008

Im guessing you can keep joining these different photo centers and grab the free prints, so here's another for you.

Prints are 6"X4" and there is a postage charge of $2.95

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  • golfwidow
    Can never get to many photo deals :D Thanks
  • Bowersnest
    Does anyone know what the quality of their prints is like - its so frustrating when you get your prints the wrong colour - too much blue yellow etc and i have had this problem with Kmart and Target
  • mouldgirl
    :D this is via Snapfish :D
  • Bowersnest
    yeah I know its snapfish - just wondering if they are also cheap and nasty?
  • lilpretzel
    I've always received excellent photos + books from Snapfish. :)
  • melissanj
    they are now 15 cents after the first 30 free prints

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