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9 April 2008

Drain Doctor
No more blocked drains!

Don't spend money on expensive chemicals or hire a costly plumber.
The Drain Doctor works perfectly on all kinds of drains - showers, toilet bowls, kitchen sinks, bathtubs, gutters and more...

The Drain Doctor is easy to use and environmental friendly as you dont have to use any chemicals. It removes blockages with highly pressurized air, simply prime the device with the built in and pull the trigger for clean drains!

What you get :

Main Pump Unit
Small Rubber Adaptor, suitable for small sinks and narrow pipes
Large Rubber Adaptor for use on all sinks or drain openings larger than 3.8 cm
11.4 cm diameter Rubber Disc Adaptor for use on all bathtub and shower drains
20 cm diameter Rubber Disc Adaptor suitable for toilets and large floor drains

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  • nod
    We are going to need to start calling you 'Global Lisss' I think :D Once again I will vote for the non chemical solution :)
  • voteoften
    still available....
  • dustbunni
    Hold onto your money guys Bought one of these and alas the good old plumger does a better job :(
  • voteoften
    Sorry dusti - I was looking for knives and found these rubbishy items were still available. Just thought I'd let folks know.

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