DELUXE Handcuffs $3.95 delivered with the $10 Voucher

11 November 2007

$3.95 is with the $10 voucher and the $1 shipping......

Sometimes even law-abiding citizens need to be punished in the bedroom, that is. If your lover's always in charge during your romps or has been 'misbehaving', you need to take control and teach them a lesson they'll never forget and these Deluxe Hand Cuffs are the weapon of mass distraction to do just that.

Regardless of whether you and your partner are dedicated to experimenting or enjoy more conventional erotic pursuits, these quality handcuffs make for hours of adult entertainment.

Dress them up for a saucy game of adult role-playing or team them with your birthday suit for a more understated look.

Made from polished metal, the cuffs come with two keys and instructions about how to make the most of them. Just gently place one cuff on your partner's wrist and the other on the bedpost...then watch them surrender to your wicked will.

Best of all, the cuffs have a special release latch that unlocks them anyone who's ever suffered the embarrassment of losing the keys to their naughty handcuffs will love this feature!

Safe to use and foolproof, these handy cuffs will add a new dimension to your erotic life and take you and your partner to a higher, racier level of intimacy.


The Deluxe Hand Cuffs are of polished metal construction and come complete with two keys and usage instructions. Please do not apply undue pressure when locking the handcuffs.

For your safety, each set of hand cuffs can be unlocked with a release latch that does not require a key to be inserted.

Please note: This product is not for children under 3 years old as some parts represent a choking hazard.

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  • elegantegotist
    Nice. You could get a cheap dominatrix kit with these handcuffs, the whipping stick and the freebie massage lotion. Anyone know where I can get some free pegs/alligator clips ?
  • Keeys
    hahaha too funny
  • MamaK
    :w00t: domanatrix on a budget!:p
  • nod
    LOL Hot vote from me :) Now where was that 18 inch whipping stick freebie? :D
  • skcmok
    This product is not for children under 3 years old...
    LOL! Hopefully that's not going to be a problem for any potential buyer. :D

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