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24 June 2008

Nice gift idea for those who scored a $5 voucher from buckscoop lately...

Lucky 7 Gaming Classics Set - Glass Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Cards

# 7 in 1 gaming set includes:

* Frosted glass chess.
* Frosted glass checkers.
* Frosted glass backgammon set.
* Dominoes.
* Deck of playing cards.
* Poker dice.
* Cribbage.

# Beautifully crafted frosted glass boards with padded feet and contrasting glass game pieces.
# So many great games in the one box.
# Excellent gift idea.
# A must have for every household - have friends over for poker or games nights!

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  • lilpretzel
    Thanks geo. I just added a pic for you and put that you must pay with Paypal. :D
  • lisss
    I saw this too, its almost sold out though so be quick :)

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