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10 November 2007

Just received this in an email from Deals Direct. It's obvciously not as good an offer as their completely free shipping, but I guess it effectively works out at half price shipping. PLUS their email states that this will be their last shipping promo before Christmas - whether you believe this or not, is up to you.

Here's the deal - they are doing free shipping on every 2nd item - if you go for 2 purchases, the lower shipping will be deducted from your order.

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  • Emma EDITOR
    Get the most bang out of your buck for Christmas when you pay via PayPal! For a limited time DealsDirect is offering free shipping on every second item in your order when you pay via Paypal. This is our last free shipping promo before Christmas, so get in while you can and save in a big way! With a massive range of exciting gifts to choose from there is something for everyone, so ho-ho-hop to it and save! Terms and conditions apply - read below.
    ] [FONT=Arial]Conditions: 1. No shipping promotion starts 12:01AM Sunday 11/11/2007 and ends 11:59PM Monday 12/11/2007 AEST 2. Orders with 2 or more items will receive every second individual item with no shipping fees 3. Order only applicable if you select PayPal as your payment method 4. No Shipping Fees applies to the lesser amount of the order eg: If you ordered 2 items - you will receive no shipping fees on the lowest shipping value If you ordered 3 products - you will receive no shipping fees on the lowest shipping value If you ordered 4 products - you will receive no shipping on the 2 lowest shipping values If you ordered 5 products - you will receive no shipping fees on the 2 lowest shipping values and so forth.... 5. No Shipping Fees only applies to every 2nd product - if you order 3 products your free shipping will apply to one item from the lowest shipping value of the 3 items 6. Shipping discount is calculated on check out 7. PayPal Free shipping promotion does not apply to the perfume category.[/FONT]
  • Brad
    This is some pretty nasty marketing on Deals Direct's part.
    This is our last free shipping promo before Christmas
    EVIL :D I guess the days of free shipping are gone.
  • admin EDITOR
    how to create that sense of urgency on top of the sense of christmas urgency
  • lilpretzel
    Well I'm sorry to say they still don't get my money. :)
  • fairybelle
    they dont get mine at the moment either, Im having issues with my login. I contacted them and they said i would just have to create a new one, but i couldnt use the same email address?? weird.... But i asked them also about the mattress toppers because they have gone up $20 since last time the had them in stock and they said to check back with them at the end of the month... So, maybe they will be on sale agian
  • nod
    I have to say that the shipping offer is not that great. You would think that a free shipping offer before Xmas was not that much to ask for :)
  • nod
    I was just thinking about the best way to get the most for your money at DD with this promo. I personally would be making several small purchaes ie max 2-4 items and trying to pair up things that had similar shipping. This was you will get the max discount on your shipping fees. Just my 2 cents worth :)

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