Deal Extreme 50% When your total adds to exactly $100 (first 200 each day)

24 December 2012

Deal Extreme is offering 50% off when your total adds to exactly $100, the deal is open for the first 200 each day and the promotion runs for 7 days, with different start times each day.

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  • admin EDITOR
    Not bad if you can get into the first 200. Thanks normie - hot from me.
  • Keeys
    You must have to be quick on this one I was online had my cart all ready put in code and it just kept coming up invalid. I'd been all set up waiting so not sure if they just went that quickly or I was doing something wrong. I'll try again today :)
  • normie
    I been trying to but it just timed out, anyways there are a few more days to try :)
  • Keeys
    Is on atm but I still get the same as last night - NOTICE! Invalid Coupon Not sure what I'm doing wrong? I only have one of each item and my total is $100 at a loss :( Any ideas anyone?
  • Keeys
    ok so reread it and it says purchase then put in the code to see if you have won.... 3 Complete payment of this order during the promotion period. 4 Use the coupon code immediately after order completion to see if you have won 50% OFF. wonder where you put the code in after you order?
  • normie
    You needed to be one of the first 200 at the specifed time with the promo, unfortunately it just timed out when ever i tried. When it stopped timing out the coupon had reached its qouta :(

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