COTD - The Complete 50 Piece Cooking Set $29.95 + cashback

31 March 2008

The Complete 50 Piece Cooking Set

Knives, Pans, Baking, Utensils the LOT!

Deck out your kitchen in one go for under $30!

See that photo? You get all that for just - $29.80. What a catch! Flesh out your new kitchen, or supplement your old worn out kitchen gear with todays super bargain. I mean, what would you expect to pay for a set like this anywhere else? At just $29.80 - for 50 PIECES you'd be crazy to miss out! Lets take a good look at whats inside:

Deluxe Stainless Steel Knife and Nylon Utensil set
Carving Chef Knife
Chefs knife
2 Boning knives
Paring knife
Utility knife
Bread knife
2 Vegetable knives
10 Steak knives
Solid wood counter block for blade storage
Durable all-purpose cutting board
2 Spoons
2 Spatulas
Soup Ladle
Mountable utensil wall rack
Measuring spoons and cups
Can Opener
Vegetable Peeler
Non-stick baking set. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe, carbon steel material and non-stick.
6 cup muffin tray
Baking tray
Loaf pan
Square baking pan
Round cake pan
Non-stick Frying/Sauce pan set:
3 Frying pans, small, medium and large!

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  • golfwidow
  • lisss
    I would expect very poor quality items but for less than $1 a piece even incl shipping you really can't go wrong. I wouldn't buy this for my own kitchen but for eg a student moving out of home for the 1st time would benefit from this as a basic kitchen setup :cool:
  • geo78
    shipping is a bit dear (except maybe for Victoria): Australian Capital Territory Shipping $12.95 Victoria Shipping $9.95 New South Wales Shipping $12.95 Northern Territory Shipping $23.95 Queensland Shipping $15.95 South Australia Shipping $12.95 Tasmania Shipping $16.95 Western Australia Shipping $17.95
  • admin EDITOR
    I'm with lisss - be good for a rental home but being a purist I'd not be wanting to use it myself :)
  • geo78
    this offer is now expired

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