COTD - Philips Reflex Action Electric Shaver (as new) $29.95

31 May 2008

nother crazy catch from your ever amazing Catch of the day online store. This time we've got a shiny new handy gadget up our sleeves, destined to leave you feeling as smooth and refreshed as the star quarterback on Prom Night! Philips Electric Shaver at an ever low price of $29.95 "Philips" The King of shavers. If you want our slightly higher level model then you can get that baby on our small fish here.

Why settle for anything less than the smoothest shave possible, with Reflex Action for improved smoothness over Micro Action. With contour following shaving heads that will glide comfortably over your feautures and a 3 Head shaving system this shave is as sharp as it gets. The added Super Lift & Cut technology gurantees a close and confortable shave.

One little catch, the units are as new, boxes are damaged. Not recommended for a birthday present but perfect for personal use.

Simply put, the price alone should get you grabbing, stock is limited, so hurry!

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  • holdenmg
    Sold Out - move along... nothing to see here...
  • admin EDITOR
    Thats not a bad price. I've got a 7120 phillips. Its ok but I wouldnt buy one again. Personal preference.

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