COTD 24 HOUR SALE - Index Designer Chopping Boards $19.95 + shipping

3 December 2009

(I wanted one of these sets last time they had a sale ... I looked it up and all other online retailers sell this for $80)

Index Designer Chopping Boards

Hygiene Safe, Durable Thermoplastic, Dishwasher Safe

Clever & Contemporary Colour Coded Design.


Expect to pay up to $89 for similar products elsewhere, today available on Catch for over 75% less at just $19.95!

This is more than just your average chopping board. Similar units sell in retail and online for over $80! It's a great addition to any kitchen and makes for a great present too.

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  • melissanj
    i was just checking these out in general trader, telling my friend how much i wanted them and then saw the price tag! ($89) here is a good excuse to get it!
  • admin EDITOR
    30 x 20 is a pretty small board melissanj. I'd have trouble cutting anything on it. Enough room for a t-bone :)
  • nod
    This is more than just your average chopping board.
    Can I ask what is so special about them? And have to agree with the donkey about the size
  • melissanj
    its more of a novelty for me they look good and compared to my mini sized plastic chopping board these are great! :)
  • melissanj
    .....that plus i am the worlds best impulse buyer!
  • kazyazy
    Its a good idea to have a seperate chopping boards for meat and vegies :)
  • golfwidow
    I use my small chopping board more than my big one. I have a big glass one for meat, onions, garlic etc but use my smallest one for most things. Easier to wash up :D
  • taskel
    They are very expensive everywhere, that's an excellent price for them, I missed this and didn't get time to vote or buy! :(

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