Clearance Sale 50% off or better + 8% BUCKY - Scentiments

19 April 2008

50% off ot better Clearance Sale + 8% BUCKY.

$10 flat postage fee.

Might help someone looking for mothers day gifts.

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  • nod
    Great idea for mother's day :) I think these guys are a bit expensive at full price but some of the discounted items they have are not too bad Thanks Keeys
  • nod
    Brown Sugar & Fig Sea Salt Scrub by Bloom Scented Sea Salt Scrub polishes and exfoliates skin, leaving it soft, smooth and delicately fragranced. Soya Bean Oil and Sweet Almond Oil nourish skin and Ginseng Extract will give skin a fresh and radiant feeling. 300gm.
    That sounds good. No idea if it is as good as it sounds like it would smell nice. They have it out for 1/2 price ie $11.95 and it looks like they give you free gift wrapping which is a bonus for mothers day
  • Keeys
    That took my fancy as well nod ;) I love free giftwraping don't you hate how paper costs a fortune I try to stock up on nice 50cent wrap when I can but if you run out its costs and arm and a leg :( The paper and card cost almost as much as the gift :( :(
  • nod
    The paper and card cost almost as much as the gift
    So true :( I like to try to get the bags and just a bit of tissue paper. Then at least the bags can be re used :)
  • ScarletRubies
    Thanks for the link. Salt scrubs in general are great, Nod. Haven't used the Bloom stuff, but I would expect it to be lovely.
  • winniblu
    so you all have not been introduced to the "pretty silver paper" then......?? ALFOIL moulds to the shape of the gift and saves on sticky tape :)
  • ScarletRubies Happy Birthday
  • Keeys
    haha too funny ...might do this next time as a joke for someone..hmm wonder if mum would find it fun for mothers day ;)

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