Catch Of The Day - 3 x Parker Slinger II WriteWear Pen for 9.95

27 July 2009

Wearable design with Parker Lanyard Included.

Available in 5 colours randomly selected and shipped. Ink colour in blue/black randomly selected.

Folks, when it comes to quality writing instruments, Parker immediately comes to mind for their designs, prestige and pedigree. Todays Catch of the Day is the Slinger II. It's not the first time we featured these beauties, and let me tell you they are HOT sellers! Now the Slinger is a pen that was made by Parker not just as a top quality writing instrument, but somewhat of a fashion pen.

Parker say that the original Slinger was the hottest fashion sensation to hit Europe since the mini skirt in 1976. Fast forward 32 years and the latest model chrome plated Slinger II is truly a stunner in the design department. Which brings me to the price. See for a Parker pen like this, youd probably expect to pay like $30 right? Maybe $20 on special? Today on Catch, you recieve not only one, but THREE for just $9.95. Limited quantity available of course, wait too long and you can write this one off.

* Parker Slinger II
* Chrome plated
* Moulded Barrel
* Wearable design with lanyard included. Wear it anywhere you like!
o On your wrist
o Neck
o Arm
o Waist
o Erm and many other places!
* Available in 5 colours, randomly selected and shipped. Ink colour in blue/black randomly selected.
* Classic refillable parker design

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  • golfwidow
    Thanks and WELCOME to Buckscoop nikunj. Just added the merchants name to your heading so people know where it's from :)
  • nod
    Great deal. Hot vote from me. These pen offers from COTD usually sell out pretty fast.
  • admin EDITOR
    :D dunno if I'd call Parker Pens quality....

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