Catch of the day- 2 x Jim Beam Racing Supermax Gift Sets Only $9.95 + $7.95 shipping

11 December 2009

4-Pack Sold Out!

Now available as a twin pack, still amazing value!

2 x Jim Beam Racing Supermax Gift Sets

Well Over $50 Value for Just $9.95

Expect to pay $30 for just ONE gift set elsewhere. Today on Catch you get TWO for under $10! Thats under $5 per gift set.

Randomly selected from a range of 8 different options, you will receive 2 different sets. Scroll down to view the range.

Fly by the Jim Beam Racing fan shop and youll see these selling for $30, $40 each. Open the most recent Target catalog, and youll see them selling just one of these sets as a special at $23.95. Today on Catch they are yours at under $5 each. Two sets for $9.95. At this price, you may as well catch a few and hand them out to the blokes at work for Christmas. Very well packaged, they are the manliest stocking filler youll find and at todays price simply a no brainer purchase.

* 2 x Jim Beam Racing Supermax Gift Sets
* The four you receive will be randomly selected from a range of 8 possibilities
* Each very well packaged, containing a variety of items from flasks, beach towels, 4 blade razors to shaving cream
* Great for Christmas giving*
* Limited quantity available, dont delay!

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  • kazyazy
  • golfwidow
    Thanks Kazy. Great things to have for presents from the kiddies :)

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