Candles, incense & more starting from 25 CENTS @ THE CANDLE NUT Clearance Corner

15 February 2008

They have incense sticks from as low as 25cents, taper candles from 29cents and votive holders from 98 cents in their Clearance Corner. Price looks pretty decent BUT there is a minimum order of $20.00 and postage is AUD $9.99 per order Australia wide. Still not bad if you need to stock up on candles.

Also February specials:

February Bonus Month

· Buy any Incense and get 1 Bonus Incense to the same value for free*
· Buy any 4 Charmed Soaps and get 1 Bonus Charmed Soap for free*
· Buy any 4 Essential Oils and get 1 Bonus Essential Oil for free,
($4.95 Standard Range only) *

*The Candle Nut will choose the fragrances & brands for all Bonus Products at
its discretion.

*These offers only available while stocks last or until the 29th February 2008

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  • nod
    Thanks St3rlite Does the BOGOF offer apply to the items in the clearance corner? If so that would be a great deal I think
  • st3rlite
    im not actually sure about that nod it wasnt spelled out on the website... hmm
  • nod
    worth a look then I guess :D
  • thecandlenut
    The answer to your forum about our specials is 'yes'. The deals we do apply to all our products on our website including clearance corner, unless otherwise stated. If you ever have any questions about any promotions or general matters, please do not hesitate to drop us an email at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] We are more than happy to assist you. Kind Regards The Candle Nut
  • voteoften
    Hey candlenut, why not become a Buckscoop merchant? (Is that kindof promotion allowed?)
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - if you lot benefit out of it - absolutely.

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