Buy a year of Flickr Pro, get 3 months free!

2 December 2007

Until the end of January, when you buy a gift of a year's subscription to Flickr Pro for someone, you get 3 months free for yourself. Of course, you can also buy that gift for yourself to get 15 months for the price of 12. :)

Compared to free Flickr account, the Pro accounts give you unlimited uploads, collections, sets, the ability to retrieve previously-uploaded full-resolution images and no ads on the site.

A lot of you probably use Flickr already, so if you have been thinking of upgrading to Pro, now's the time to do it! :)

One year's Flickr Pro costs USD $24.95.

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  • admin EDITOR
    flickr goes commercial. Thanks skcmok
  • Brad
    Do flickr send you both pro gift codes, or do they have to be applied to different accounts? Does a 2-Year pro account get you 6 months bonus?
  • skcmok
    Flickr's been commercial for a while now... I still think it's a great service though! :p And at least, what you get with a free account hasn't changed. Brad, from what I understand, the gift that you give (the 12 months) can be to anyone, but you always get the 3 months bonus yourself. They've said on their blog though that you can buy more than one 1-year gifts to get multiple 3-month free bonuses and they can be to different people. I'd suggest that to be safe, you buy 2x 1-year. Their blog post is here: The help thread in the Flickr forum is here:
  • Brad
    Thank you for that extra information skcmok! ;)

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