Buy 3 Golden Crumpets products and receive Snapfish free gift (valued up to $39.95)

14 April 2010

You just need to buy 3 Golden products and keep the bar codes. Easy in our house. Great freebies from Snapfish too. You pay $3.95 to $4.95 for delivery for your first freebie and a little bit more if you make another claim. You are only allowed 4 freebies per household no matter how many Golden crumpets you eat.
The freebies are a jigsaw puzzle, a hard cover photo book or a mug
I opened the link to the term and conditions before but it wont work now. Odd. Sorry

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  • ravenclan
    Not sure if this is all states, but Woolworths in WA have Golden Crumpets on sale this week, buy one get one free!!!!
  • ninkasi
    FYI - keep the receipt when you buy the Golden products - you need the receipt number (or numbers if you bought them at different times) to claim....
  • deking777
    just a question, I've put 2 claims in in different accounts (one for my mum). One got the full photobook for free. BUt in the second the code was only for a photobook at 50% off. I not sure why? I did it all the same with different receipt numbers. Any ideas?
  • Rebekah76
    not sure. I suggest you email them or contact them in some way. explain that you put your Mum's claim in (I'm sure plenty of people have to put one in for others) and see what they say. the promo is clearly for a free photo book.

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